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Clients who work with me are interested in getting to the root of their issues. They want to unpack all the pieces of their problems in a meaningful way.  This often entails spending time talking about and looking into your feelings and common themes in your relationships, both with others and how you relate to yourself. This includes your experiences from the past and present. In our work together, we’ll get a sense of different patterns of behaviors, feelings and thoughts that have developed over time for you.  We look at the whole picture and examine elements that are helpful to understand your process of  healing, change or  personal growth.  The  structure of sessions are open, in that  clients are encouraged to speak freely about things that come to mind  for them.   As your therapist,  I serve as a guide to help you develop clarity in  areas that may be difficult to understand. You are the expert in your life. 

Sometimes talking about your problems can be difficult. Maybe you feel that the words to express what you are going through just don't seem to truly capture what's going on. This is where I will introduce the use of creative/expressive arts as a way to assist in your self expression. I believe in the healing aspects of the arts and integrate them in my practice as I see fit.  Feel free to ask about the use of creative arts interventions.

We  are all unique and have our own shine. Working together, we will identify what has been dulling your shine, and explore ways to polish it off , so that you can strut your stuff!  Contact me to get started.

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