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We  are all unique and have our own shine. Working together, we will identify what has been dulling your shine, and explore ways to polish it off so that you can strut your stuff! Though you are the expert in your life, I serve as a guide to help you develop clarity in some areas that may be difficult to understand. Working as a team, we'll find the right treatment for you!

Having the support to actualize your goals and dreams is important. I provide a safe, welcoming and non judgemental environment where you are free to express yourself. This space will be your canvas to explore and experiment with different approaches to bring your vision to life! Not sure of what you're looking for? That's fine, I can help with that too!

Sometimes talking about your problems can be difficult. Maybe you feel that the words to express what you are going through just don't seem to truly capture what's going on. This is where I will introduce the use of creative/expressive arts as a way to assist in your self expression. I believe in the healing aspects of the arts and integrate them in my practice as I see fit.  Fell free to ask about the use of creative arts interventions. 

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