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Body and Eating Concerns:

After numerous attempts at all the diets,food or exercise  challenges, cleanses, juicings and fasting programs, you may have felt like a failure because you didn't get the results you wanted or couldn't stick to the rules. You may have shamed yourself because you know of others who were able to see results and didn't have the hard time that you did with trying to lose weight or getting into shape. Maybe your trainer or someone else has even suggested that you're not disciplined enough ( ouch!). Everyone else but you is able to enjoy the deliciously bad foods and not get punished with weight gain. There may have been times or all the time when none of your clothes fit, leaving you with nothing to wear, causing you to be late to work, dates and  events or maybe even having to cancel everything all together because of the disgust you feel about your body. You may spend hours on a single picture and filters to get the right image you want to post. 

A lot of us have been through this experience, and I'm sure you know this! We live in what's called "Diet Culture", where we are generally praised for manipulating our bodies to look one specific way, which for many of us is not natural and unrealistic. We are then made to feel crappy if we don't look that way.  Unfortunately, this also misdirects us to believing things about ourselves that are simply not true and is quite harmful. I support my clients in developing a healthy relationship with food and their bodies. You will learn how to reconnect with your body in different ways including the management and understanding of your hunger and emotions.  We will also talk about ways to help you live comfortably and confidently in your body which can support an overall sense of wellbeing. 


Life Changes and Transitions:

Life is ever changing! Sometimes we're forced to make that next move or live in that next chapter, even when we're not quite ready to. I know I've been there a few times. Sometimes we may be ready to move on, but there are some unforeseen challenges  as we proceed. Whether you're planning ahead and want to work through some hesitations or are in a situation where life circumstances are pushing you into the next phase of your journey,  I am here to help you!

Things don't have to be terrible before you get some assistance, although many of us tend to wait until then!  That's okay too, it happens! Just because you are an adult and independent doesn't mean that you shouldn't have help as you tackle these obstacles. Sometimes our obstacles can tackle us if we don't reach out. I've been there too! We can all use a shoulder to cry on and a space to figure out how to  "just get it together". This may just even mean a place to let it all out so you can keep going. Together we will unpack all your feels and possible setbacks and sort out ways to work through your hurdles. 

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Creative Issues:

You are passionate about the work you do, but get stuck at times. Maybe you feel like you're losing your connection with your art or your skills and talents are no longer as good as they used to be. Inspiration may be hard to find or what usually inspires you now makes you feel worse. When you try to actualize your vision, it doesn't happen. After hearing critiques of your produced work or your ideas, you find yourself feeling smaller or maybe even begin to wonder if you are really cut out for this. Everyone else seems to be producing great works  but you are not. How could this thing you love so much  turn into the thing that's draining you? 

As creatives, artists and entertainers, whether professionally, recreationally or both, we are very protective of our work. Yes, I said we, because I also identify as a creative ! Oftentimes, the works we produce can be creative expressions of our own emotions and experiences. Our identities and lived experiences can very much be connected to these creative pieces and when we share with others and hear harsh critiques, it most certainly can be hard to separate what from who is being critiqued. In working with me, you will have a place that's yours to rebuild your relationship with your artistry and yourself. Sometimes we relate our self worth and value to the work we do, which can make it harder to see what's really going on. You are a full person with more to you. Imagine having plenty of creative pieces that you can confidently share with others while also creating in a way that both gives back to and inspires you. 

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